Thursday 31 March 2011

Inquest Day 3: 30th March 2011: Summary points

Witnesses, either giving evidence in person or via their statements being read out, included:

• PC Gareth Edwards, the driver of a police van who encountered Ian in Lombard Street. who described how it is important only to use force that is necessary.

• Warren Fraser, who witnessed Ian on Lombard Street. His statement described physical contact between Ian and the police on Lombard Street but he did not think Ian was injured during this encounter.

• James Stone, whose statement described the contact between Ian and the police on Lombard Street as reasonably gentle.

• PC Neil Finnis, another Lombard Street witness.

• PS (Police Sergeant) Emma Shaw, part of the police Territorial Support Group (TSG), who was PC Harwood’s supervisor on April 1st 2009. The TSG’s remit includes public order situations. She described the training received and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) used by members of TSG. During training, TSG officers are informed they have to justify their own use of force. She spoke about the importance of officers having visible epaulettes – the shoulder badges that identify who an officer is. She described how briefings prior to the G20 were to instruct officers of their role to facilitate protest. She described how officers are expected to fill out Evidence and Action Books at the end of the day to note any use of force. PC Harwood’s role on the day was to be as the driver of a van carrier. On the evening of April 1st she saw PC Harwood and the events he made her aware of related to being separated from his van during the day whilst trying to make an arrest.

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