Thursday 31 March 2011

Inquest Day 2: 29th March 2011: Summary points

• Today the evidence started in front of a jury.

• The Coroner gave his opening remarks, describing the route Ian took after leaving the newspaper stand where he worked on 1st April 2009 and how he encountered police cordons that prevented him making his way north from Monument station. He explained the role of an inquest and how it differs from either criminal or civil processes. He explained that the Crown Prosecution Service had made a previous decision not to prosecute but this was provisional and not necessarily final.

• Footage showing the final moments of Ian were shown, pieced together from CCTV, handheld cameras and police aerial video. Ian was seen being turned away by two police cordons. Two sets of footage were shown of Ian being pushed from behind by PC (Police Constable) Simon Harwood. Ian was seen to be helped back to his feet by a member of the public. Footage taken about 3 minutes later showed him collapsed nearby receiving attention from medical student Lucy Apps.

• Compilation footage was shown of PC Harwood on April 1st 2009, including moments of physical contact with other people present at the protest, prior to his contact with Ian.

• Witnesses included Julia Tomlinson (Ian’s widow) and Paul King (stepson) who described their memories of Ian as a husband and father. Other witnesses were newspaper seller Barry Smith, PC Andrew Brown and PC Dean Cocks. PC Dean Cocks, who was positioned in Lombard Street and encountered Ian, described the importance of using verbal communication before force.

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