Friday 16 September 2011

Family devastated after Harwood trial delayed until October 2012

The family of Ian Tomlinson are bitterly disappointed to learn today that the trial of Simon Harwood for the manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson is to be delayed until October 2012.

The family have been told that as a result of existing commitments of legal counsel, it is proposed the trial go ahead from 2nd October 2012. This would be three and half years after Ian's death and 17 months from the date of the decision to prosecute.

Julia Tomlinson spoke on behalf of her family today:

"This is a disgrace and we all feel devastated. When the Crown Prosecution Service told us in May this year that they intended to prosecute, the impression was that it would be scheduled for this year as there had already been a long wait and they recognised how agonising that was for us. We have already waited two and half long years and our lives are on hold in the meantime. If there are problems with the proposed barristers' availability, why can't others be appointed? This makes a mockery of the justice system."

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