Tuesday 30 June 2009

Timeline of Events

1 April 2009

G20 protest in London with large scale policing operation in place.

19.00 – 19:20 approximately

Media accounts, video footage and observations of the family of Ian Tomlinson show that he leaves Monument underground station, where he was assisting an Evening Standard newspaper vendor called Barry, at about 7pm to make his way home.

He is first blocked at the top of King William Street by a line of police officers. He can be seen talking with police officers and pedestrians before sitting on a wall by some railings. He then makes his way down Lombard Street before being stopped by a second line of officers. He then attempts to navigate his way through Change Alley, where he apparently encounters a third police road block where he is turned away. Video footage shows Ian coming out of Change Alley and crossing Cornhill and making his way into Royal Exchange. He makes his way up Royal Exchange and video footage shown by Channel 4 News shows him in Royal Exchange standing still by a cycle rack as a line of police officers sweep down Royal Exchange from Threadneedle Street. In the Channel 4 footage it looks as though Ian is standing motionless as the police line approaches.

19.20 approximately

The video footage and photographs released to The Guardian newspaper show the last moments of Ian Tomlinson alive. The footage shows that the officers do not sweep past Ian. They show him walking away from the officers with his back to them and his hands in his pockets. The line of officers include Metropolitan Police officers, officers from the Territorial Support Group (TSG) as well as City of London Police dog handlers. On the video footage the dogs can be seen to go for Ian on at least two occasions. The video then shows an officer in a riot helmet holding a raised asp (police baton) approach Ian and apparently strike him before violently pushing him to the ground. No officers go to Ian’s assistance. A bystander helps him to his feet. Video footage shows Ian staggering away from Royal Exchange Passage along Cornhill clutching his side looking dazed. Photographs record that he does not make it far down Cornhill before he collapses.


Ian collapses on Cornhill. Members of the public including protesters attempt to give medical aid. Video footage does not substantiate the claim police later make that a number of ‘missiles’ were thrown at them. Riot police surround Ian and dismiss the people trying to give medical aid.


Approximate time Ian dies.


Metropolitan Police releases statement saying protesters attacked them while police fought to save Ian. The final draft of statement is approved by a regional director at the IPCC. IPCC begin initial assessment of incident.

2 April 2009

Newspapers lead with story that protesters had stopped police trying to assist Ian. IPCC say they will "assess the circumstances."

Over the next few days, the IPCC tell journalists that the family had expressed concerns about his health, and were "not surprised to hear what had happened." When journalists ask whether Ian had had any contact with police officers before his death, they are told the speculation will "upset the family."

3 April 2009

First post-mortem examination result: Pathologist Freddy Patel concludes Ian had a heart attack.

The Guardian tells City of London Police it has photos of Ian lying at the feet of riot police. IPCC made aware of this.

4 April 2009

City of London Police say Ian died of natural causes.

5 April 2009

The Guardian
publishes photos and testimony that Ian was hit by police. IPCC says Guardian has upset the family and says there is "nothing in the story."

6 April 2009

IPCC begins to ‘manage’ the police investigation and confirms that Ian had contact with the police. It appeals for witnesses.

7 April 2009

The Guardian
receives video filmed by onlooker showing Ian was hit by an officer and publishes it that afternoon on website.

8 April 2009

IPCC remove City of London police from inquiry and recommends suspension of officer in question.

9 April 2009

A second post-mortem examination is conducted upon family and IPCC request.

IPCC chair Nick Hardwick gives TV interview stating IPCC first made aware of allegations of police involvement on 3rd April and says no CCTV cameras near assault.

14 April 2009

CCTV cameras near the assault found by Evening Standard. IPCC reverse position.

17 April 2009

Second post-mortem examination result: Ian found to have died from abdominal haemorrhage. IPCC state officer has been questioned on suspicion of manslaughter.

18th April 2009

IPCC call for national debate about policing and say police are ‘servants not masters’

21 April 2009

Four minute footage of Ian being assaulted by police enters public domain. IPCC try to block this being shown on Channel 4, saying a broadcast might damage their investigation as they haven’t interviewed all officers.

24 April 2009

Sky News publishes image of Ian, after he collapsed, showing apparent bruising to head. This is in contradiction with what was reported from first pathologist Freddy Patel’s report stating no bruising or scratches to head had been found.

4 July 2009

First pathologist, Freddy Patel, who concluded that Ian died of a heart attack, is suspended pending investigations into his professional conduct.

5 July 2009

It emerges that the police officer, who has been questioned for manslaughter over Ian, should not have been working for the Metropolitan Police as he had previously been suspended for a serious disciplinary charge.


INQUEST Briefing on the death of Ian Tomlinson June 2009 / Wikipedia / Guardian online


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Monday 29 June 2009

Family reaction to Home Affairs Committee report

The family of Ian Tomlinson, who died following being injured by Police at the G20 protests in London on April 1st, have spoken out today in response to a Home Affairs Committee Report investigating policing tactics used on the day.

Julia Tomlinson said today:

"I feel very upset by the report. It refers to Ian collapsing but does not mention the video evidence showing that he was struck, even though it says that Nicola Fisher was hit with a baton. From the report it looks like Ian never had contact with the police. It’s like we’re back to the first statement the Metropolitan Police gave out after Ian died before the footage from Royal Exchange was shown.

The report seems to say that if there was any violence at the protest it is was because officers were untrained, inexperienced and frightened. This is not what I see when I see the video footage of Ian or Nicola Fisher.

The report seems to be all about how the police need to look after their image. It says that police officers need to watch how they behave because they are being filmed. It should be their behaviour rather than the camera that is the issue.

One of the things in the report that does make sense is that there is no excuse for the police preventing people innocently caught up in a protest from leaving a “contained” area”. Ian was trying to leave the area and got stopped at no less that three police blocks before he was stopped by the line police officers coming down Royal Exchange. Had officers allowed him out of the area on any of those occasions he would not be dead now."

Sunday 28 June 2009


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