Wednesday 2 December 2009

Family Respond with Disbelief to News of TSG 'Goodwill Tour'

Julia Tomlinson responded with disgust and disbelief to news in the Times that officers from the Territorial Support Group are embarking on a 'goodwill tour' to explain to people "what their job really entails":

The road shows across the capital have been given the go-ahead after the death of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests earlier this year which also resulted in hundreds of complaints.
Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison is reported to have said:
"We have to accept that the TSG have an issue with their image and it is our job now to get out there and explain what it is the TSG do. It is up to us to ensure the public understand what it is we do and why we do it because people don't."

"It is about demystifying what we do and how we do it."
In a response on behalf of the family, Julia said:
"It is disgusting that on the evening we are holding a vigil to remember the death of Ian Tomlinson, the Metropolitan Police announce a TSG "good will tour" to improve their image. We are in total disbelief about the tour and the timing of it".

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