Tuesday 7 July 2009

Statement from Tomlinson family re: HMIC G20 Report

A spokesperson for the family said today:

"We are looking for answers and an explanation as to why Ian is dead. We can’t find those answers in this report.

The report confirms that Ian was trapped in the area and that officers were then authorised to use force to clear it. At 5pm the police commanders ordered the use of “reasonable force” on people who had not left the Bank of England area by 7.00pm. The report says that by 8.45pm ‘the dispersal of the crowd at the Bank of England was complete’ but it does not mention that at about 7.20pm Ian had collapsed on the ground after being assaulted by police.

We have no doubts that the police are responsible for Ian’s death. Had he been allowed to leave or if force had not been used on him he would be here today."

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